Bob Manders

The parallel between art and architecture has enticed artists and architects for centuries.  It can be a taunting challenge to grasp, but can also construct optically striking settings.

At Bob Manders Architecture we believe that art is a vital ingredient to the interior of a home.

Art needs the appropriate setting for it to truly be showcased.  It needs a space to thrive in, and it needs to bring joy and life into someones home.

Over the course of many years Robert has built connections with local art galleries, compiling ideal art work for our clients and their new homes.

Below you will find a look-book of the following galleries -  Modern Shapes, Forwart Gallery, and ML Gallery, van Loon Gallery Vught, and Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery - showcasing Artists that Robert has carefully selected.

If you are interested in any of the pieces, please contact our Art lead expert (Robert van Baast). He can be contacted by email at